Alex Friedland

Senior Staff Scientist in the Theory Group at SLAC.

Recent research
* Axion Cooling patch for MESA stellar evolution code
* Multiangle Suppression of Collective Neutrino Oscillations
* Self-refraction of supernova neutrinos: three-flavor effects

Research Interests
* Particle astrophysics and cosmology
* Neutrinos in terrestrial experiments, astrophysics and cosmology
* Supernova physics
* Dark matter
* Particle physics beyond the Standard Model

Workshops and events
* SLAC Theory seminar schedule
* SITP seminar schedule
* Physics Department colloquia
* PINS 2017 workshop (Schedule of talks here) NEW!
* INFO 15 workshop (Schedule of talks here)
* SF14 workshop (Schedule of talks here)
* LBNE Santa Fe 2014 workshop (Schedule of talks here)
* INFO 13 workshop (Schedule of talks here)
* SF12 workshop (Schedule of talks here)
* INFO 11 workshop (Schedule of talks here)
* SF10 workshop (Schedule of talks here)
* INFO 09 workshop (Schedule of talks here)
* SF08 workshop (Schedule of talks here)
* DR project on cosmic explosions (Schedule of talks here)
* INFO 07 workshop (Talks posted here)
* SF 06 workshop (Talks posted here)
* INFO 05 workshop (Talks posted here)

About me

I'm a Senior Staff Scientist in the Theory Group at SLAC. Prior to that, I was at LANL, first as a Richard P. Feynman Fellow and then as a Staff Scientist. I did my Ph.D. work with Hitoshi Murayama at UC Berkeley (see also his IPMU site) and my postdoctoral work at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ (supervisor John Bahcall).

* List of my publications in the INSPIRE database.
*My CV in pdf format

Contact information
           Alexander Friedland
           Theory Group, MS 81
           SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
           2575 Sand Hill Rd
           Menlo Park, CA  94025

	    my gmail

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Alexander Friedland
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